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Situated at NE 34th Ave and Cornell Road, Westside Commons is due west from downtown Portland in the heart of Hillsboro. Westside Commons is directly across from the Hillsboro Airport and minutes from Silicon Forest and a multitude of high-tech businesses. Westside Commons can be easily accessed by car, bike or public transit.
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Westside Commons charges to park in its lots, and has on-site parking to accommodate event visitors with several large lots throughout the campus. Westside Commons also offers secure bike parking.


Public Transit

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Westside Commons is located directly on the TriMet MAX Blue Line and is served by bus lines 46 and 48.
  • TriMet MAX Blue Line Westbound Stop ID: 9837
  • TriMet MAX Blue Line Eastbound Stop ID: 9838
  • Served by bus lines 46 (weekdays), 48 (weekdays and Saturdays)



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Westside Commons is in compliance with Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) requirements and our facilities are equipped with restrooms, concessions and telephones designed to accommodate the needs of those with physical and non-physical impairments. If you need mobility assistance to make your visit easier or more comfortable, please contact us.


Hotels and Accommodations

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A full list of area hotels and accommodations can be found on the Planning Resources Page.

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