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Good. Better. West.

Good. Better. West.



C-From Washington County, With Love

Westside Commons, home of the annual Washington County Fair, is a multi-use campus located in Hillsboro, Oregon. We are dedicated to serving the entire community by hosting and producing national-class events on a local scale. Westside Commons operates the Wingspan Event and Conference Center, Cloverleaf Building, Friendship Square and Plaza, in addition to maintaining 100-acres of grounds for outdoor use. Westside Commons produces and hosts the annual Washington County Fair for 4 days every summer in July. We hope you can join us this summer for BIG FAIR FUN




In an effort to ensure the long-term stability of the Washington County Fair, as well as the ability of Westside Commons to meet the needs of the wider community well into the future, Wingspan Event & Conference Center was designed to accommodate the needs of a wide range of community activities while continuing to support and enhance the annual County Fair. Wingspan will provide year-round opportunities for large community gatherings.



After many years of preparation and planning, Washington County's vision for a re-imagined Fair Complex is beginning to unfold. As construction began on the Wingspan Event & Conference Center, a parallel effort began for the Fair Complex, now known as Westside Commons. The new round of planning is focusing on the western portion of the property and identifies multi-use improvements that will benefit County residents year-round.

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Learn About the Fairgrounds Advisory Committee

Learn About the Fairgrounds Advisory Committee

The 9-member F.A.C. provides advice and counsel to the Washington County Board of Commissioners the Fairgrounds Master Plan, Fairgrounds Capital Projects Plan, and other major site-related initiatives.


Meeting the Washington County Fair Board

Meeting the Washington County Fair Board

The Fair Board is comprised of seven members that are selected from a variety of interests determined by the Board of Commissioners, including, but not limited to: Agriculture, Livestock, Youth/Education, Exhibitors/Vendors, Urban Agriculture. In lieu of a citizen representative, one member may be from the Board of Commissioners.


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