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The Large Show Ring is 120' x 60', fully enclosed by a chain link fence with gates on two sides. The Small Show Ring, also known as the "Auction Ring" in reference to its' use for the Livestock Auction during the annual Washington County Fair, is directly beside the Large Show Ring, and measures 40' x 60' and is not enclosed. Both rings are covered, have shavings on the floor, and offer full lighting and sound systems. The Small Show Ring is an ideal staging area for the Large Show Ring. Rental includes the use of both rings.

Events needing barn space for animals will be charged $16.50 per stall, per day, and Event Producers must provide the bedding. We will provide you with a dumpster to dispose of the bedding. Event Producers must also provide the labor to clean the stalls during the event and afterwards. If you request Livestock Panels to be set-up, there is a labor charge of $56.00 per man-hour for the set-up and tear-down of the panels, and a panel rental fee of $4.50 per panel.

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